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My mom on Oberyn Martell:

All I want to know is how old is he supposed to be. Not the actor. Lord Oberon. How old is he supposed to be? Because I’m confused. I think he’s too young. Like, what? He remembers his sister? Okay. So, that was, what? Like how many years ago? And he looks too young to remember anything.

That’s all.

Oh, and he is a handsome son of a gun—even with that moose-tach.


ANNOUNCEMENT: I am supposed to be hosting a LIVE webchat with Pedro Pascal for (aka my IRL day job). I asked my mom who doesn’t understand webchats if she had any questions and she spent two minutes trying to figure out how old Oberyn would be. 

If you have questions for Mr. Pascal, just log on at 2 PM EST tomorrow and ask! If you want to see how awkward I am via webcam, also log on at 2 PM EST tomorrow.


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